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Product Range


1. Highly efficient brushless DC
- strong torque and long
life ( > 15,000 hours)

2. Durable structure with all
metallic gearings

3. Continuous and intermittent
duty (maximum 1800 starts
per hour)

4. Dynamic brake function to
eliminate inertia

5. Supplied with two grooved
tube to slave idler rollers via
O rings

6. 11.1mm or 7/16" hexagonal
shafts (one side is spring loaded
for easy installation)

7. Supplied with No. CB-002
motor driver card (for
PM486/500FS) or CB-008 motor
driver card (for PM486/500FP),
that has variable speed, self
diagnosis function, protection
with thermal overload device.

Brushless 24VDC Motorized roller



Product designation


P1 Single grooved tube
P2 Two grooved tube
PL Straight roller tube
JW Threaded hex shafts
C030 300mm power cable
WA Waterproof
DR Dripproof
BR Brake


Driver card No. CB002N / CB002P

CB016N2 (click here)


Hybrid driver card (Option)
HB-508S - Built-in ZPA logic driver card

HB-510 - Built-in ZPA logic driver card having digital speed variation features (click here)

Power Moller 24 European catalogue

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