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Power Moller is an internally motorized conveyor roller, that can virtually be used wherever conveying power is needed. Because the motor and gearbox are totally enclosed in a roller tube, it provides safe, quiet, clean and space saving driving force, and eliminates the needs of bulky external motor or risky-noisy chains and sprockets. In addition, the product is maintenance free as all the bearings and gearbox are factory lubricated for life time service. Decentralized conveyor motorization by the Power Moller also ensures the continued throughput without downtime. Replacement of the unit can also be easily and quickly done thanks to its spring-loaded shaft.

Power Moller is available in broad range of roller diameter, roller tube length, speeds, motor type, voltages both in AC and DC, and with many different options including brake, watertight, to satisfy most of your automation needs. You may wonder how such low profile motorized roller with less energy consumption can conveyor maximum 1 ton of load. Magic, it is not. Effective use of rolling principle it is. This may remind you of how the great stones were brought to build Egyptian pyramid in ancient time.

Since its inception in 1976, the Power Mollera has enjoyed continued success as a vital component for factory automation and increased productivity. Power Moller has been rolling throughout the world to automate production facilities, and distribution centers, creating a value in material flow.

Now, ITOH DENKI has come up with the ultimate solution for 21st century, employing the state of the art DC technology - efficient use of power and resulted energy saving, safe low operating voltage, plug and play modularity for quick installation, and intelligence with its connectivity with PC. That is Power Moller 24. From a small manufacturing facility to a large distribution center, you get the best solution with Power Moller 24.

ITOH DENKI is the acknowledged world leader in motorized conveyor roller and drums, and is ISO 9001 certified company. [to learn more about ITOH DENKI, click []

Brief history of Power Moller 24, 24VDC Motorized Rollers

The first internally motorized Power Moller employed an AC induction motor to provide turning force. These units have been used for thousands of applications since they were first introduced in 1976. However, as a motor manufacturer, ITOH DENKI started to recognize the physical limit in AC motors, and at the same time, recognized the efficiency advantage of DC motor. The DC motor is not only more powerful, but is more efficient as well. ITOH DENKI then launched in 1985 the first DC Power Moller, PM380DS (former PMXD) series, employing brushed DC motor. The unit has got good success particularly in AGV application, however, its applications were rather limited for short operational cycles due to its 4,000 hour brush life.

Soon afterward, work began on a new generation of DC motor - the brushless DC. Advantages are tremendous; long motor life, strong torque, variable speed with constant torquec In 1988, ITOH DENKI launched the world first motorized conveyor roller, incorporating a 24VDC brushless motor, in 57mm (PM570ES series) and 60.5mm (PM605ES series) roller diameter. These units were successfully marketed in Japan and Asia, for AGV as well as belt drive application.

With the continuing trend in the United States, the 24VDC brushless DC Power Moller needed to be redesigned to fit with a 1.9" (48.6mm) roller tube, which is the U.S. standard. Since the United States Postal Service was one of the first industries to recognize the advantages of the DC Power Moller, this new DC unit nowadays called PM486FS series, was designed to satisfy the demanding 30 cycle per minute operating conditions. In 1996, the new brushless DC Power Moller, PM486FS series in 48.6mm roller diameter and PM500FS (or series 50 in Europe) in 50 roller diameter were introduced into the world market. Because of their superior design, higher torque and durability, the Power Moller 24 products have continued to dominate 24VDC conveyor market.

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